Sports VENUE Lighting

A lit tennis court from above.

Whether your facility is utilized at a club/recreational level or for competitive tournament play, it is important to provide optimal illuminated surfaces for the athletes. Upgrading the existing lighting to an LED solution provides multiple benefits to both the facility owner and its players. APEC Lighting Solutions uses the recommended lighting levels established by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) as a guideline to determine the right LED solution for each project.

Most interior and exterior sporting venues commonly use older metal halide lighting systems to light the playing surface. These systems utilize very high-watt lamps that become expensive to operate and maintain. For example, 1000-watt lamps lose approximately half of their light output by the halfway point of their lifespan. The impending result is that you will receive 50% less light while still using 1000-watts to operate the fixture. When the lamps burn out and are replaced, the replacement costs are expensive, and you are typically left with “hot spots” on the playing surface that result from using lamps of various stages in their life cycle. APEC Lighting Solutions utilizes lower-watt, high output LED fixtures with significantly longer life spans that greatly reduces the need to change lamps, provides substantial energy savings, and maintains a uniform illumination over the playing surface.

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