Retail Lighting

The front of a retail store. A well lit retail store interior.

Retailers can differentiate themselves from their competition by displaying their products in the best lighting possible. Identifying the best LED solution, however, goes well beyond selecting a bright, low-watt fixture. Retailers must take into consideration the Color Rendering Index (CRI) when selecting LED lighting. CRI is a scale that reflects how the color of an object appears in a certain fixture’s light in comparison to how it appears in natural light (daylight). Depending on where the LED lighting falls on the CRI scale, it will determine how the colors of your retail items appear to your customers.

New aesthetically attractive LED fixtures can also make a retail outlet stand out over the competition. APEC Lighting Solutions can supply a substantial number of decorative fixtures, including but not limited to; track lighting, pendant mount lighting, strip lighting and decorative troffers. Based on a full understanding of our client’s preferences and the products they sell, we will propose a solution that displays the best image with the highest quality light, resulting in increased customer traffic and sales.

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