Commercial/Industrial Lighting

Lit up shelving within a warehouse.

Commercial and industrial environments depend on optimum lighting for safety and maximum productivity. As typical high-watt metal halide and halogen lighting systems dim over time, maintenance becomes an important, and costly, variable. The longevity of LED lighting systems greatly reduces maintenance costs by eliminating the need to change lamps, while maintaining superior light levels over the lifespan of the fixture. Low-watt, high output LED lighting can be an ideal solution for commercial/industrial settings as it will significantly reduce the energy costs associated with operating high wattage lighting all day and in many cases, all night.

APEC Lighting Solutions represents a large portfolio of commercial/industrial lighting products for both interior and exterior applications. From low and high-bay warehouse space, to large exterior lighting needs, we will propose the best combination of fixtures that will fulfill your expectations from both a lighting perspective and a return on investment objective.

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